How You Can Help


Your support can change the life of a child forever.

Sorphan is a non-profit organization. The work we do for the children soldiers of Africa is funded entirely through donations and individual contributions, grants, research fees, and the income generated from our programs and services.

Join our family of donors today! Your involvement becomes the foundation to help the children who need it most.

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Do you have time, expertise, resources or ideas? We could use your help.

Volunteer with us! Every effort counts - big or small. There are many ways you can get involved.

Participate in our fundraising and awareness events or host your own donation-drive to benefit the children of SORPHAN. Every event is an enriching and worthwhile opportunity to engage the community. You could also invest in Sorphan as a donor or simply volunteer your time and talents.

Learn more about our volunteer opportunities.
Email: sorphanadmin@sorphan.org