Our Mission

The mission of SORPHAN is to assist in the proper education and development of children soldiers and orphans. Our purpose is to give them a chance to live a life without war or violence. Every effort is dedicated to putting an end to the senseless exploitation of orphan children who are forced to become soldiers in the most disadvantaged countries of Africa, including Southern Sudan and Somalia. For years, these countries have been ravaged by civil wars, leaving thousands of children without families or homes.

Orphan children are recruited by warlords or brought to training camps to take up arms and support terrorist organizations. Instead of reading books and attending school, they are taught to commit genocide against their own people. These once innocent children have long been forced by their adult masters to carry out unbelievable atrocities. They will most likely remain traumatized for years if not their entire lives.

Child soldiers are fighting and dying every day in Africa and in other conflict nations through out the world. SORPHAN provides food and shelter, promotes education and training programs, builds schools, and provides much needed supplies for these children.

Our hope is to give orphaned children soldiers a true sense of peace that will last them a lifetime.